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There will be PTM for Nursery to II on 24.03.2018, Timings - 9Am- 12Pm.


There will be PTM for Classes III to VIII on 28.03.2018, Timings - 9Am-12Pm.


Registration open for all classess.


Our Mission

The ideals and ideology of Faridabad Convent School is perfectly ‘portrayed’ by the school logo. It represents the ‘Panchtatvas’ of the education system itself. The ‘Ethos’ represented by the logo includes: Shaurya- the glory, Shakti- the strength within, Sauhard- rational behaviour, Shanti- the peace & Samwaad- responsible communication.

  1. The Golden rising Sun represents the first important element known as ‘Shaurya’. It states that the glory of success can be achieved only after burning the fuel existing within through hardwork.
  2. The White Mountain represents the second important element known as ‘Shakti’. The mountain indicates that only a strong foundation can make an individual stand against all odds and achieve the heights of success.
  3. The Tricolored region on the left side (where the heart resides), signifies ‘Sauhard’. It indicates that an Individual should strive to maintain the balance between the green, saffron and white i.e. prosperity, sanity and character building. In short patriotic values with rational thinking.
  4. The White Pigeon represents the fourth major element called ‘Shanti’. Peace in the society, community and the world as a whole is the prime motive of the educational institution.
  5. The fifth major element is ‘Samwaad’. The blue colour in psychology denotes wisdom, responsibility & communication. Being an educational institution, we promote the holistic development of each and every individual in every sense.

We staunchly believe.. ‘Vidya Dadaati Vinayam, Yash, Keerti, Buddhi Cha Balam..’

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