Faridabad Convent School

(Affiliated to CBSE)


Enhancing Lives, Empowering Minds

Know us in nano

We are a recognized & CBSE affiliated Senior Secondary Educational Institution with natural surroundings, Modern Infrastructure, Labs and Laboratories , serving the prime motive of “Enhancing Lives, Empowering Minds” through imparting quality education for more than 18 glorious years.

With modern amenities, disciplined approach and natural surroundings, the school follows the CBSE Curriculum in spirit and soul. The academic planner is designed and followed as per CBSE guidelines. We staunchly believe in individually but at the same time we aim at developing social skills among the ‘Future Citizens’. The students are trained and groomed to be independent, honest, adaptable, virtuous, resourceful & empathetic toward self, society and even nature.

From the very founding age, they are being taught the Ethos of sharing, caring, hospitality & Self discipline. The integrated learning is promoted through Value based learning, learning by doing, individualized instruction strategy plus multiple intelligence approach where each individual is focused, encouraged & observed minutely.

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