Club System

To foster the Skills and in built Talent of the Generations, the school provides vivid range of Clubs and Activities. The Club activities are meant to provide the platform where one can exhibit his/her skills and Talent. Be it cooking, Art, Designing, Planning, Oratory Skills or to act/react on sensitive issues. The main 'Club' option includes:

  • Aatmsat Eco Club: which aims at developing sentivity towards Mother Nature and Plant Earth
  • Angeethi Cooking Club: helps an individual to explore beyond Plate and platter.
  • Prastuti Literary Club: provides not only the stage rather the world to be conquered through the Words.
  • Param IT Club and 'Pratidhwami' Science and Maths Club: helps the 21 st century bugs to experiment and explore beyond limits.
  • Kaal Darpan the Cultural and Heritage Club: open up the gallery and Gully of Proud and Rich Cultural Era.

There are many more to endorse and encourage the latent Talent within.

Although the Club Activities are not competitive in nature yet the best performer/participants are rewarded with Awards, Rewards and Applauds.

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