Vision Through words - Principal

'Asto Ma Sadgamaya.. Tamso Ma Jyotirgamaya..' Education is what leads the Mankind from falsehood to truth & from darkness to Light..

Being a landmark of education with dedication, our endeavour is to help children to develop to their fullest potential. Therefore, At FCS, balanced chunks of care and nurturing goes into physical, mental, cognitive, emotional & spiritual development of a child. We firmly believe that the secret of understanding a child lies in the art of Caring, giving, sharing and encouraging. If meaningful education is provided to an individual, it results in 'Sculpturing' of genuine responsible citizens who can shape the destiny of the human race, nature, environment and the world as a whole. We know that every child is unique and gifted with a potential to rise to limitless heights. To foster the 'Life Skills' necessary for a strong character & empathetic approach, we impart quality education through the democratic way where the quench/ questions are necessary to strengthen the spirit and mission of an educational insitution.

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