The school follows the Assessment system according to the pattern as prescribed by the CBSE for Classes Nur-X.

There are 4 Formative Assessment and 2 Summative Assessment in a year.

Classes Nur-U.K.G

The academic is divided into formative Assessment and Summative Assessment. However, the evaluation of the child is done on the basis of day to day performance under the CCE which includes written assessments via worksheets and written work done in the notebooks in school and at home, oral assessments, class interactions, activity assessments, creative work. Reports are given to the parents in the PTM at the end of the each Assessment.

Classes I-X

The academic is divided into four Formative Assessment and two Summative Assessment and the students are assessed by the subject teachers on continuous and comprehensive basis, based on specific criteria like Class notes and Notebooks, conduct of Activities and Practical, Seminars,Project Work, Attitudes, Behavior, Attendances, Student’s Response, Group Discussions, Quiz,etc.Grades are given to students based on their performance in the field of academics and participation and in all the co-curricular areas.

Class XI

The Session is divided into UTs and Terminal Exams. The 2nd Terminal will include complete syllabus prescribed for the class. X and XII- As per CBSE Guidelines.

Promoton Policy

Classes Nur- VIII

No child is detained. Results are prepared on the basis of rules framed by the CBSE. However inability to cope with the syllabus resulting in lw grades in assessments of a particular class in a session may result in detention in the same class, after mutual consent of parents and school authorities.

Class IX-X

As per CBSE Guidelines.

Class XI

The student has to score minimum 35% marks at the end of 2nd or practical Terminal Exam to get promotion in class XII. If the student fails in any of the subject he/she will have to give Re-test for that particular subject.(one chance only)

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