Samwad From Management

We at FCS staunchy believe in “SAMWAD” i.e. effective communication and trying to foster the same from the grass root level. Keeping the same in mind, the annual curriculum cum calendar is designed. The parents are requested to check the almanac religiously and revert in civilized way. Your kind cooperation is always sought and applauded hereby. In the present scenario of Global Exposure & Competition, it is unavoidably essential to develop the innate & inborn potential of every child to meet the unforeseen and stringent challenges. In its quest to foster the all round personality of a child, the school undertakes various endeavors & activities to develop an integrated life, strengthen character and inculcate the sensitivity towards the nature & society. On one hand to promote the academic quotient, Tests, Olympiads, PSAs, MCQS etc are organized. On the other hand, Club/SUPW/House/Sports activities, Audio Visual Supprot Material, GDs, Career Talks etc. are organized to provide the exposure and opportunities. The Participation & performance alone determines the grades/score of an individual.

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