Safety Measures And Concerns

We at FCS, offer an environment that is congenial, motivating, stress free & secure for both the teaching and the learning community. We would like to share some safety measures already being followed.

  • The school has engaged a qualified & experienced Nurse on full time basis for providing timely medical assistance to the students.
  • The school campus & periphery around the school are under CCTV surveillance 24x7.
  • Police verification of staff (both teaching and non teaching) is being done as per the guidelines by the Education Department.
  • Washrooms are provided with female assistants for girls. The washroom for male support staff is outside the building.
  • We do not tolerate bullying or any kind of vandalising of school property. The same message is reiterated through regular announcements.
  • Social Media Apps (Facebook/WhatsApp/Twitter etc) are a threat to one’s privacy and dignity. Students are not supposed to use/share their personal IDs and Details with ANYONE. The school does not bear any responsibility in such cases.
  • Under the ‘Buddy Scheme’ the Junior students (Up to classVIII) are supposed to move outside the class. Be it washrooms r school ground.
  • Parents are not allowed to meet their wards during school hours, take their wards for functions/ appointments etc. or provide lunch box/water bottle without providing complete details and the reasons for safety concerns.

Kindly provide them nutritious breakfast and ensure they carry their mid-day meal, water bottle, handkerchief, sanitiser, right contact details of parents and books as per the daily time table provided

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