Evaluation System

As per the Circular Acad. 05/2017 dated 31/01/2017 by C.B.S.E. the whole evaluation system has been reframed with the aim of providing holistic education laying equal emphasis on all aspects of a child’s personality. The assessment aims to cover scholastic, co-scholastic & even co-curricular zones throughout the session.

Evaluation is the most important part of studies which helps students to develop the habit of regular, systematic and Methodical work. Being an area of Great importance for the students Teachers and even Parents, balanced chunk of focus is given to it.

Periodic Tests and Terminals during the session will be conducted along with various Co-Scholastic Tests. Parents are supposed to ensure regularity and punctuality of their ward as "No Exam / Test would be conducted again in any case".

Internal Assessment (Work Experience / P. Edu. / Gen. Studies) : The quality, accuracy, neatness, efficiency in the Class assignments, Class response, Performance in Oral & Written test, Language Skills, Holiday Home Work, Projects & Attendance will be observed & considered to decide the marks for INTERNAL ASSESSMENT.

At times, parents, assume uniform performance of their ward in all spheres irrespective of one’s area of interests & skills. But, it’s NOT necessary that a child who scores excellent grades will have excellent oratory skills or aesthetic sense or will be an excellent sport’s person as well. The grade completely depends on one’s performance skills & participation. It has nothing to do with one’s scholastic performance. So, instead of blaming the institution for the same, you are requested to witness his / her journey of learning and encourage the participation in his / her areas of interests.

Co-Scholastic Assessment:- Co-scholastic activities are designed with focus on inculcating values by integrating them appropriately in various co-curricular activities. These activities will be graded on a five point grading scale (A to E). No upscaling of grades will be done. Assessment will be done for the activities, Work Education, art Education, Health & Physical Education, Discipline, Attendance, Hygiene, Cleanliness, Sincerity & Behavior as well. So, the parents are requested to cooperate & coordinate to ensure their word’s performance plus participation.

Scholastic Assessment: - As per the updated pattern by C.B.S.E.

Subject Combinations:- To get admission in Class XI, students have the following options of subjects to select from. Selection of subject options will depend upon the %age secured in Final Result of Class X, Aptitude Test (Designed by the School itself) & Interaction with the Senior Academic Officials. Streams & Subjects Offered in Class XI.

  1. Science (Medical & Non Medical): English, Physics, Chemistry, P.H.E, Maths / Bio with Computer Science.
  2. Commerce (With or Without Maths): English, Economics, Accountancy, Business Study, P.H.E., Basic Computer Literacy Program, Sociology.
  3. Humanities: English, Hindi, Political Science, Economics, Sociology, P.H.E., Basic Computer Literacy Program.

Note :- Any FEE CONCESSION or SCHOLARSHIP granted is liable to be withdrawn for misconduct, irregularity, less attendance or failure to maintain Scholastic standards. 75% attendance is a must to allow a student to appear in Final Examination or continue to get any scholarship / Concession.

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